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Welcome to Neuronpedia!

Neuronpedia is the encyclopedia for neurons. Specifically, it is focused on behaviour coding neurons - cells which are correlated with some behaviour or some idea in the brain. The simplest example of such neurons are grid cells, which encode an animal's position in space and for which the 2014 Nobel Prize was awarded. Another famous example you may have heard of is the existence of neurons which represent complex concepts like the infamous 'Jennifer Aniston' neuron. Researchers identify these neurons by sticking electrodes into an animal brain, recording the electrical activity (in-vivo recording) and correlating the activity with behaviour. Till now, there has not been a central resource for in-vivo recording researchers interested in studying these neurons. Neuronpedia is intended to be a resource for the community and to spur further investigation into different types of neurons with these special properties. Editing guidelines will be up shortly for researchers who are interested in contributing. Visitors can begin to explore these neurons by clicking on the categories below.


Learning and Reinforcement
Proprioception (the sense of one's own body part)
Spatial Navigation
Visual Perception
Circadian Rhythm

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